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I am a relative of „Cecil The Lion“ killed by a trophy hunter some time ago. I stand for my pride and for all lions in Southern Africa. Humans present the greatest threat to our survival in the wild. My cubs and your children would want us to be around for many more centuries to come. However, the outlook seems to be very bleak at present. We are threatened by habitat loss, conflict with humans, trophy hunting, etc. It is important that you know that we are looking after a very complex ecosystem in Africa. We, as the African lions feel connected to the African soil for this is our home and there will be no other place for us. Moreover, Africa is home to all Africans, including their wildlife. We lions can indeed coexist with humans, but we need space as you do. So please do not hurt us as we do not hurt you intentionally.

I, as a relative to „Cecil The Lion“ and as the King of the Animal Kingdom in Africa address the humans killing us on purpose –  „Your conscience will be haunted for the pain you are inflicting on us and I roar for all the other creatures of Africa as well.“

by Connie Glass-Enczmann