“I am an elephant and I speak for my species. We know that our lives are in great danger. It will not be easy for us to survive the next ten years if poaching for our ivory, trunks and habitat loss continues unabatedly. Imagine, you’d be hunted for your skin or body parts and decimated to small numbers or even wiped out completely.

We are the largest land animals on earth and you may well be able to see us only in books in a few years from now, if you do not reconsider your actions. The population number of us elephants continues to fall. Every 15 minutes one of us is killed. We are highly evolved and form deep family bonds. In case you didn’t know, we mourn our dead and we never forget. We need you humans to thrive again. Use your time wisely in order not to lose us and other creatures that call Africa their home. The clock is still ticking and time will tell.“



Connie Glass-Enczmann